Nick Callaghan

Hailing from Scotland, one of the world's fastest growing countries for emerging EDM acts we introduce to you one particular artist who is at the forefront of a healthy batch of fresh talent within the UK, Nick Callaghan.

‘Nick Callaghan’ a naturally gifted & genuine talent who possesses a dual passion for both DJ performance and music production from Glasgow, Scotland is a name that has made an impact within the underground music scene over the years. Nick has proven his worth within the industry by injecting a rush of high-octane, fresh, original music to our ears & onto dance floors / festivals all over the world.

From Nick's early years as a budding music producer, he found his productions receiving consistent support from the legendary Judge Jules on his coveted BBC Radio 1 show. Slowly but surely over the years, along with Nick's friend & production partner Will Atkinson, they together mastered the art of producing a unique style of energetic music to the highest standard. As a result of all the hard work, time and effort dedicated towards music production over the past 15 years you can now find Nick's tracks being signed to the most reputable labels in the world such as; 'Armada', 'Future sound of Egypt', 'Spinnin records', 'Kearnage', & 'Blackhole recordings', amongst many more. Over recent years Nick's tracks have been receiving consistent support from the likes of Armin van buuren on ASOT, Aly & fila, John O'Callaghan, Bryan Kearney and Ferry Corsten to name but a few. 

Nick's productions have achieved the difficult climb to the coveted No 1. spot on both the Trance and Psy-trance charts on 'Beatport' respectively, not to mention featuring consistently on a high  number of CD compilations compiled by the worlds top DJ's.
Nick's music production doesn't just stop with his own material. Off the back of a catalogue of successful releases, Nick has now found himself juggling his own career along with producing and engineering music for a number established artists within the scene. His engineering skills and understanding for what his clients require within their own music are reflected on the success and recognition they receive as artists within their own right. With many productions being signed to the best labels around, ranging from Commercial EDM, House, Techno, Psy trance & of course Trance.
Although Nick's first love will always remain as Trance, his DJ sets entail Nick playing a diverse range of music such as; Trance, Psy-Trance, Breaks, to full fire Techno and all the way down to the groovier side of House music.

Nick now pioneers his very own monthly show aptly named 'Off the Grid sessions' which reflects Nicks diverse and in-depth musical background where he consistently digs deep to showcase fresh and unique music for the listeners. Nick stands by his musical philosophy within his DJ sets & 'Off the grid' show where he adapts an open-mind & firmly outlines; "Good music is good music regardless of tempo, genre or age". His vigorous presence and performance behind the decks are well known for injecting energy, diversity and an electrifying atmosphere amongst the crowd whilst performing live in places such as; the UK, North America, South America & Europe.

Nick Callaghan is without doubt one of the UK’s rising stars, when it comes to underground & energetic dance music, with his hard work reflected throughout his productions and DJ sets only emphasises the time and effort he dedicates towards the love of music! His two-handed approach towards both his DJ performances and productions has set in motion an electronic music career that has him installed within the forefront of the global underground dance music scene. You can be rest assured that his unique style of music will be tearing up dance floors around the world for years to come.




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